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Advertise your services! The basic entry is free. It shows your address, your location on Google Maps, your phone number and reviews posted by our users. If you would like to show more information about your business and the services you offer, we have two additional packages. The Professional package allows to show your logo, web and email address. The Platinum package is the real pro package where you can provide a wealth of information about your company. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to touch base with us!
If you would like to be removed from our database, please send us an email using the contact form. We will delete your entry as soon as technically possible. Thank you!

Features Basic Professional Platinum
Location on map ok ok ok
Address ok ok ok
Phone number ok ok ok
User reviews ok ok ok
Logo ok ok
Email ok ok
Website ok ok
Opening hours ok
Excerpt ok
Additional Content ok
Price free $149 $299
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